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ML 10 Lotto results and Loot info will be done at

You have to be ML9 to get into the ML10 zone. Vent is requested but not required; you do not have to talk but it is very helpful to listen - you can download vent here: and vent info will be spammed in the BG.

This raid is of medium length. With 24-48 people, it can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on how well everyone listens and how fast loot gets turned in. Be prepared to spend a good amount of time on the raid and lotto.

Greater Focal Myth is a great item to have; they can be purchased at the housing entrance merchant or obtained in Labyrinth.

  • Bots DO NOT get a roll, however they may join the bg for credit.
  • Use ONLY Cold damage; cold dd's or cold debuff on Draco
  • DO NOT Stand up on the wall during Draco; you have to be IN THE arena during this fight.  If you are found on the wall and told twice about this, you will be immediately booted from the bg.  Bots should be on the entrance ledge wall as you come into the arena above the arch.
  • During Draco - tanks will be in the middle with casters on the east and hunters on the west end.  Casters will cold DD Draco until adds spawn, then they will control adds with hunters helping if there is more than 4 adds.  After adds are killed, everyone gets back on Draco unless more adds spawn. 
  • In the event, hibs or albs enter - we MUST get enemies first and let tanks stay on Draco and then support groups back on Draco & adds.
  • DO NOT STICK DRACO DO NOT STICK DRACO DO NOT STICK DRACO...get it? do not stick draco; only face him - when stick him, he uses his breath weapon and then people die and add spawn is increased dramatically; make a macro for /FACE

  • ALL loot goes to the BG leader. The BG leader at their discretion will choose if they keep an item such as seals or scales
  • Rolls and loot will be listed at - it is up to you to keep track of what is has been handed out 
  • If your turn comes and we ask 2 times and get no answer for what item you pick, you will be given something random
  • Seals; scales etc will be in the lotto pile in stacks appropriate for the /bg (depending on the size of the bg) 
  • Lotto is done every 2 Draco's that we kill; which is considered "1 set"
  • We will do /random 1000
  • If you roll before the /yell your roll does not get counted or if you roll after it is /closed then your roll does not get counted.  If you roll more than once; your lowest roll is the ONLY one that counts
  • If there is a tie, the one who rolled first will be the first of that number to choose
  • Loot will be given out from high to low rolls until it is gone. If the loot pile is very large we will go back up the list once with the low roll getting two picks. 
  • Anything left after that will be lottoed off in random stacks until it is gone.
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